Robert Buck Signature Floors

Robert Buck has been creating decorative masterpieces with Wallock & Maggio, Inc. for over more than 12 years now. He’s based in Santa Diego but loves traveling up the coast to work with us on our office and residential projects in Santa Barbara, Malibu, Beverly Hills and the Greater Los Angeles area. His keen eye for matching colors and developing unique finishes has proven to be cost-and time-effective with many designers on a host of projects. More importantly, his finishes are beyond unique and are simply beautiful. A Robert Buck Signature Floor will give your home or commercial office space an outstanding artistic and unique one-of-a kind appearance that will be the envy of all who see them.

Some of his major projects include:

  • high-end decorative concrete floors
  • resurfacing concrete
  • concrete showers
  • designer fireplaces
  • custom countertops

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