Santa Barbara Concrete Repair

Santa Barbara Concrete Repair

Do you need Quality Concrete repair in Santa Barbara?  Wallock and Maggio provide the highest quality concrete repair in the Santa Barbara County.


Here are a few common reasons why your concrete in Santa Barbara could need repair:

Poor workmanship - If the concrete dried too fast it would significantly increase the possibility of cracking. A chemical reaction causes concrete to go from a liquid state to a solid state which requires water. This process takes days after you pour the concrete. If there's an imbalance in the chemical reaction, the concrete can dry too fast which will significantly increase the chances of the slab cracking.

Another reason related to poor workmanship is if the wrong strength of concrete was poured for the job. There are many different concrete strengths and each one is suited for the type of use the concrete will have to engineer.

Lack of control joints - control joints help determine where the concrete will crack there's a proper depth in quantity of control joints that should be used. is the control joints we're not set properly you could have unwanted cracks.

Excess water in the mix - many times in residential work too much water is added to the concrete on the job site. It does not take much water to achieve maximum strength. excess water greatly reduces the strength of the concrete. as concrete gets hard it dries it and shrinks. shrinkage is it usually the main cause of cracking. The wetter the concrete mix, the more shrinkage there will be. as the slab shrinks the concrete will literally be pulled apart resulting in cracks.

Tree Roots - Santa Barbara has a lot of trees and trees are notorious for destroying concrete. Tree roots are incredibly strong. Overtime they may push the concrete which leads to cracks or can make it uneven. It's best to get this fixed sooner than later because as time goes on the tree will further damage the concrete slabs.

Fire Damage - The recent wildfires wrecked havoc across Ventura and Sanata Barbara counties. Fire can create extreme heat switch will crack concrete slabs. If you have fire damage from the recent Thomas fires call us today to have your concrete repaired.


Here are some reasons to get your concrete repaired in Santa Barbara

  1. Your concrete problem will get worse - the longer you wait to get your concrete slab repaired the more problems you will have. Cracks will widen sinking will get worse the slabs will pull apart even more. and usually, the longer you put it off the more money it will cost to fix the problem.
  2. Concrete structural damage - as concrete slabs crack and settle, the surrounding will usually crack and settle too. this can cause other structures in the house to have structural problems. For instance, your doors may jam and your windows will have problems. The longer you wait for the more structural issues you will have so it's best to get it fixed as soon as possible.
  3. Safety -  uneven and cracked concrete can be dangerous entry tripping hazards.  again the longer you wait the worse these problems will become worse, intensifying the chances of someone getting hurt on your concrete.
  4. Water - Cracks in your concrete will allow water to get into your office or home create all sorts of new problems.  Water can also hasten the cracking of the concrete by making it more uneven under the slab.
  5. Curb Appeal - Let's face it crack concrete does not look good.  by getting your concrete repair you're boosting the appearance of your property while also making it a safer place.
  6. Property Value - Crack concrete lowers the value of your property. By getting your concrete repaired you're making the property a safer place and actually increasing its value. Don't think that you can get away with selling your property without getting it repaired first. A home or property inspector will find any issues with a cracked concrete slab.

There really is no shortage of benefits in getting your concrete repaired today. Santa Barbara is such a beautiful city and deserves to have safe, beautiful concrete for the enjoyment of its citizens. If you need fast, quality concrete repair in Santa Barbara, call Wallock and Maggio today! We will come out to survey the concrete damage and provide an estimate of how much it costs to fix.

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